Project Description


The renovation and remodeling of this cute house in the outskirts of Lier was a search for a balance between relating the house to its surroundings and preserving its cosy atmosphere inside. Around the original footprint, we wrapped a narrow, high and extravert space, with large openings to the garden. A new circulation makes multiple connections on the ground floor possible, while all service spaces are solved in the center of the plan. A careful remodeling of the roof-volumes allows the addition of an extra room on the first floor.

The new façade is conceived in a green corrugated metal sheets and large wooden windows, in contrasts with the more closed front façade with classical window opening. Rainwater is directly poured into the garden and re-used for watering plants. The garden integrates the typical elements of the Flemish suburbs: concrete fences, a greenhouse, water tanks, vegetable beds, …

In the interior, a green concrete floor connects all spaces of the ground floor. The selection of materials responds to the environment, and refers to some existing elements in the house. The kitchen is conceived as a light and open structure, and a horse stable entrance door allows a permanent contact with the surroundings.

status: Built
program: Housing ( renovation )
area: 130 m²
location: Nijlen
year: 2018-2020
budget : private client
staff :
Energy : Feys BV
Stability : UTIL

credit : built project pictures : Sépideh Farvardin