Project Description


A former concert, theater and music hall building from the 30’s (with a façade by famous local modernist architect Victor Bourgeois) converted into a panoramic cinema in the 60’s and was later abandoned in the 80’s. A beautiful and difficult heritage building to convert into the new “laboratory for cultural and citizen expressions” for Bruxelles Laïque, an institution working on an innovative and ambitious socio-urban agenda. The project aims to keep as much as possible the existing qualities of the former music venue and transform it into the new public forum. Two new “black box” venues are linked to the forum : one below and the other above the historical “Café Bagdad” with its loggia to the street. Special care was taken to the dialogue of “old and new” and daylight entrance inside the building. A project tailored for this specific site and existing building, yet very flexible, offering a generous range of uses and possibilities.

Existing and model picture : Adria Goula
Images rendering : Playtime

status: competiton – first place
program: cultural equipment and urban laboratory
area: 5000m²
location: Brussels
year: 2019
budget : 19M€ htva
staff :
Architecture : OUEST + FLORES & PRATS (AM)
Structure : JZH & PARTNERS
Scenography : KANJU
Techniques : BOYDENS
Budget and survey : BUREAU BOUWTECHNIEK