Project Description


The house is located in Anderlecht in a pavilion urban fabric. The project is designed as an intergenerational house for a family and the parents. It is composed of 2 duplexes having a perfect autonomy and an access to the garden. The staircase profile of the construction allows  generous terraces for the duplex above and a privileged connection with the garden.

The construction is resolutely simple and economical, following a principle of free floor.

Two elements go through all the floors to articulate the plan. The main staircase and its sanitary core. The triangle permit to include all the technical sheaths of the house.

The exceptional character of these two autonomous objects  punctuate the rigidity of the plan and the facade through a color and a sustained materiality that gives them a readability at all levels of the house.

The front facade is a simple grid in red colored concrete that resumes the brick language of Puccini Street. The house has two faces depending on whether it is addressed to the street or the garden, giving it a singular originality.

status: under construction
program: Housing
area: 300m²
location: Anderlecht
year: 2021-…
budget : 800k
staff :
Energy : Responsible Young Architects
Stability : Burokiss