Project Description


The MOVY CLUB is one of the last neighborhood movie theaters of Brussels. Built in the 1930’s in the boom of film industry and the start of talking cinema, in a moment where Brussels saw dozens of small movies clubs emerging all over the city, it was transformed in the 1950’s (reference moment for heritage) and continued its life and screenings until the 2010’s, before closing. The project here aims to refurbish and reactivate the old movie club with a heritage care and extend it to the contiguous plot, where pedagogical and creative activities can take place, in a complementary way to the existing venue: we’ll have the MOVY left, the CLUB right. The project, built inside the housing bloc, aims to improve both the program for the MOVY CLUB and both nature and outdoor spaces for the inner plot, the neighbors around. A patio at the front, also benefiting the housing unit at the ground floor and a garden in the back, bring natural light, green and permeable soil for the rainwater. Special care for acoustics towards the surroundings and subtle but positive presence towards the street and front façades.

status: competition – first place
program: rehabilitation and extension of a 1930’s cinema
area: 1000m² build area + 100m² outdoor spaces
location: Forest, Brussels
year: 2021-…
staff :
Architecture : OUEST
Heritage : AAC
Landscape : Lokus Landscape
Stability, HVAC, energy : Enesta
Acoustics : Daidalos Peutz
Theater techniques : Artsceno