Project Description

SCA – Cultural center in Schaerbeek

The proposal for the new socio-cultural equipment for the Schaerbeek municipality in Brussels. Located in a dense and vivid neighborhood of the city, the project reorganizes and connects two existing buildings, each one facing two parallel streets with different qualities. A former cinema towards the important Chaussée de Haecht, a former theatre towards the backstreet, much more residential and intimate than on the other façade. The new project takes advantage of the existing qualities and limits of construction and potential and transforms the whole site into a new and inspiring place open on the city, its inhabitants and direct context. We keep as much existing buildings as possible, while offering new relations and general attitude of the site towards the city.

Pic by Séverin Malaud ©

status: competition – first place
program: socio-cultural equipment
area: 2500m²
location: Brussels
year: 2019 – …
budget : 5M € htva
staff :
Architecture : OUEST
Scenography : ARTSCÉNO
Techniques : JZH & PARTNERS