Project Description


A cultural institution dedicated to promote local literature on the international scene and vice-versa is given a new place : a beautiful neogothic “hotel de maître” in Antwerp, with annexes, interior garden and connexion to the street on the back, through a smaller house. The whole site is to refurbish and waits for a new identity and program, where writers, workers and public could meet, discuss, write and concentrate.

Our proposal articulates three different areas and gardens, with a public and yet introverted central new building and relation to interiority.

status: not selected
program: literature house
area: 2000 m2
location: Antwerp, Belgium
year: 2018
budget : 2 000 000 € exc. VAT
staff : architecture : OUEST + JDMA (Jan de Moffarts Architecten) | stability : util | hvac : peritas | acoustics : kahle acoustics | theater scenography : artsceno | landscape : landinzicht