Project Description


A proposal for the rehabilitation and complete new urban narratives for the site of the former local Maison du Peuple of Anderlecht, in the area of the canal and a popular and post-industrial neighbourhood, where the value of “cooperative” still really means something. Our proposal (OUEST+ALTSTADT) for this program mixing housing, production spaces and ateliers and community spaces is a dialogue between old and new, with a clear generosity to the city, giving back a part of the plot to offer it to the community with a public outside space and a “table” element inviting everyone to enter the site.

status: competition
program: community spaces, housing, workshops
area: 4600m²
client: SCFS Anderlecht Moulart
location: Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium
year: 2020
staff :
Architecture : OUEST + ALTSTADT (AM)
Stability : JZH &Partners
HVAC+PEB : JZH &Partners
Acoustics : Daidalos peutz