Project Description

New cultural hub for Molenbeek. Two former industrial sites to connect and open on Brussels and its socio-cultural initiatives

The project aims to develop and connect two industrial plots in Molenbeek, Brussels, close to the canal. The two sites (one former printing press, the other a former sugar factory) were both already being reused by social-cultural associations with the aim to be spaces for production and creation of cultural and artistic projects, in a engaged relation with the neighbourhood as well as the general public. The project here was thus more to “continue” and formalize an nice and/but informal socio-cultural story, started with very little money and a lot of convincing energy on both site. Our proposal tries to play and preserve the existing qualities, the link to the street, the two courtyards. The big intervention is a “twin” new building against the limit between two sites and existing building towards the former sugar factory : working suddenly as a duo, these two buildings, and inner functions articulate the two sites, while the existing buildings at the street keep a domestical and neighbour-oriented face and program. The project focuses a lot on outdoor spaces too, the relation with the street, the gardens, the courtyards, the roof terraces.

status: invited competition / not selected
program: socio-cultural equipment
area: 5000m² building + 4000m² outdoor space
location: Brussels
year: 2021
budget : 8 000 000€
staff :
Architecture : AM OUEST + HBAAT
Stability, techniques, energy : JZH & Partners
Landscape : Landinzicht
Acoustics : Kahle Acoustics
Scenography : Artsceno
Participation : Sandrine Tonnoir

Model by Hbaat