Project Description

Libelco, a former industrial site along the canal in Molenbeek, is undergoing restructuring as part of an urban renewal plan called ‘Petite Senne’, with the aim of revitalizing a part of the city in mutation with the leitmotiv of the productive city.
The “Grande Halle”, a vestige and icon, articulates this complex site and offers a singular and hybrid public space in the heart of the Cureghem district.
The program of the Circus Laboratory school and the “Recyclerie” tend to activate the public space by proposing a cultural and playfull programme to the district and its inhabitants.

01. The Circus Laboratory

An urban circus school for young people in the neighborhood that is strongly focused on the performing arts.
The facade touching the “grande halle” offers an overview of the activities taking place behind it, through the curtain raisers of the wavy facade. The doors allow an interaction between the covered square and the school. The large hall and the foyer might potentially become an extension of the public space.
Inside the existing building will be reorganized with the addition of three volumes: an office box, a vertical circulation strip and a free-standing semi-cilindrical hall. Those volumes are designed as independent objects inside the industrial existing shell.

02. The Recyclerie

We imagine this workshop-space like a bicycle: a building with a sturdy frame, where all the parts are visible and can be dismantled and repaired. A building that evolves over its lifetime, through maintenance and by improving its components through time.
The Recyclerie becomes a new reference in the production chain along the Canal.
The façade on the street side will be equipped with a canopy which, together with the door
of glazed garage and the entrance/showcase, will offer a renewed presence in the neighborhood.
The Recyclerie is part of the city’s multifunctional hub. It is totally integrated into the canal district and creates a visual and functional transparency towards the collective courtyard, the upcycling workshops and all the activities that will be organized under the large hall.

status: competition
program: Petite Senne Laboratoire circus + Recyclerie
location: Molenbeek, Brussels
client : Beliris
year: 2020
staff :
Architecture : OUEST + JDMA
Techniques : MATRICIEL
Stability : UTIL
Sustainable development : MATRICIEL