Project Description


Together with Felt architects, we worked on this competition proposal for the extension and restructuration of the city Theatre of Kortrijk. The historic neogothic building houses a large classic 3 tier theatre hall, that is recently renovated and equipped. All the adjacent functions need to be rethought and reconnected, and a new, smaller black box theater is integrated in the already densely built urban block.

Central in the project is a new large café, that becomes the public hub of the building. The space recalls a classic grand café typology, with a surrounding mezzanine that extends into a new polyvalent space in the back of the plot. The new theatre hall, floating above, is integrated in the roofscape of the main theatre by means of it’s chamfered volumetry, creating at the same time an interesting performance space with various uses and a natural influx of daylight. The renewed and simplified circulation scheme allows the public to discover all parts of the building and creates a new logistic fluidity towards the side-street. The artist and office wing is carefully integrated in the backstage volume at côté court, adding new flexible open floors for artists and staff.

Towards the city square, an elegant steel canopy reinterprets its disappeared historic predecessor, while shifting the attention partly towards the new entrance at the public café. A rooftop theatre space above the logistic entrance completes the transformation of a quite monofunctional theatre building into a new rich cultural hotspot in Kortrijk.

status: competition proposal, 2nd place
program: extension and restructuration of city theater
area: 6.700 m2
location: Kortrijk
year: 2021
budget : 9.000.000 €
staff :
Architecture : Ouest + Felt
Stability : BAS bvba
Techniques :  Ingenium
Theater planning : The Space Factory + Artsceno
Acoustical engineering : Kahle Acoustics