Project Description


Ouest was short-listed and finished 2nd in the last round with this proposal for a new cultural and associative building, to be build on a plot located nowadays just besides a public park and aiming to become part of the extended park afterwards.

Our project, in colored concrete, opens views and relations with the city center, the park and the surroundings. Special care on materialities, space organization and versatility.

status: competition | second prize
program: Cultural center / new construction + landscape
area: 1200 m2
location: Gerpinnes, Belgium
year: 2017
budget : 2 500 000 € exc. VAT
staff : stability + hvac : jzh & partners | landscape : landinzicht | Acoustic : Kahle Acoustics | Scenography : Artsceno

* Hand drawings used in collages are from Chloé Perarnau’s bo